IT Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

Moving your office. A daunting and overwhelming undertaking-- Menlo Event Services (MES) has simplified this process by understanding that the critical success relies on advanced planning.

Our IT Relocation team is comprised of expert Project Managers and engineers who understand every single detail that is involved in dismantling-> packing -> and reassembling. Success relies heavily on the order in which everything needs to be done to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Here are some office relocation frequently asked questions and answers, and how MES can deliver exceptional service to ensure an efficient move with minimum downtime (yes, we just reiterated - minimum downtime - aside from a flawless relocation, this is the most crucial element).

1. Can MES assess, design and implement a plan for our technology requirements at our new location?

Yes. Our team will ensure your IT Relocation meets the technical requirements of your new office. In addition, we will recommend hardware, software and IT solutions that will provide business growth and continuity including:

  • Analyzing your current infrastructure to determine how IT cloud migration could increase your efficiency and provide scalability for growth and flexibility
  • Upgrading and renewing your IT solutions
  • Installing adequate cabling for internal growth
  • Wi-Fi configuration and bandwidth improvement

 2. Does MES move data centers and servers?

Yes. We design and upgrade data centers and server rooms as part of our IT Solutions. Understanding these intricacies allow us to manage a full migration and relocation. Our Engineers and System Architects provide reliable de-racking and re-racking service - with full cabling installation.

 3. How can MES ensure there will be little downtime?

Our years of experience and pre-planning systems ensure all necessary processes are in place prior to your move, which ensures that no technical delays or issues could lead to an extended downtime. Your Project Manager will plan for contingencies and will prioritize the backing up of your data in advance. Our fast and efficient removals service means all your equipment will be delivered and re-installed in your new offices safely and on time.

 4. Will our data and information be protected prior to the move?

Yes. MES will ensure there is no data loss and equipment failures. Part of our pre-planning is to make sure there is a data protection strategy in place prior to your relocation. We ensure all of your IT equipment is fully protected during the move to prevent any damage.

5. What if our move date changes?

If the moving date is delayed, we have a local highly secure storage center to keep your equipment overnight or longer.

 6. Can MES provide a comprehensive full plan for our move?

Yes, we review every single phase of getting you from point A to point B. Your dedicated Project Manager will be your key contact throughout the relocation process. They will work closely with you and your team to plan your entire move, including logistics management (telephone, data and ISP relocation) and the transportation of all valuable equipment.

 7. Can MES organize the cabling in our new offices?

Yes. Our engineers have expertise in cabling and can install a tailored network cabling infrastructure to facilitate optimum performance at your new location.

 8. Does MES provide the packaging for my IT equipment?

Yes, we provide packaging specifically designed to provide maximum protection for all equipment during transit. Our experienced relocation engineers will oversee every aspect of your IT equipment relocation.

Contact Mike Greer or call 408.519.3241 today if you have any questions about how Menlo Event Services can manage your IT Relocation Service.

MES's team is trained to assist you to make all aspects of the IT relocation project run smoothly and successfully.  Contact us if you cannot find the answer in IT Relocation FAQ.